William E. Warner ASLA, LLC
(919) 782-6848
Residential and Commercial Consulting – Experience that can benefit you in exploring options for your property. (See Background)
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Consulting Services

  • Evaluate new or existing residential and commercial property for feasible use, aesthetics, functionality and safety
  • Discover methods to improve the appearance, save time and effectively maintain your property with cost efficient maintenance programs
  • Hands-on instruction in soil preparation and planting trees, shrubs, ground covers, grass and transplanting existing plants
  • Water Conservation - Water harvesting and usage, efficient use of irrigation, cultural practices to conserve water
  • Drainage problems and erosion control solutions - Extensive experience with solving drainage and erosion issues, many of which are cost-effective, permanent solutions
  • Methods for lawn and plant care - Fertilization schedule for lawn & plants, proper pruning techniques, product choices, landscape tools & equipment, evaluation of high maintenance areas - all to reduce time spent maintaining your landscape
  • Landscape Photography - Photos of your landscape and plants (All landscape photos on this website taken by William Warner)